"You know you've found a winning baker when your child plans the theme for his next birthday inspired by the Piece 'O Cake design he envisioned a year in advance.  Their cakes are more than a taste sensation (and believe me they are), they are works of art that become the centerpiece for your event, a topic of discussion at your party, or the reason a friend will drive in from the next state over for a piece of cake. There is no other bakery I trust to help create memories for my special events." -Robin and Matt


More Cheers

Kids"The cakes Judy has made for us have been nothing short of fabulous. Judy pays so much attention to every little detail of the cake that it truly is a work of art. We never want to cut into them - they look that good. But of course, when we do they are ("SO YUMMY" - Noah age, 5).

Our guests our always wowed by the fun cakes and we love seeing how she'll top herself each year."

-Beth and Josh



Boy Eating Cake"We begged Judy to make our wedding cake and she did not disappoint.  It was everything you could want in a cake...the detailed piping on the cake was elegant and yet simple which was exactly what we asked for. Most importantly the cake had to be gluten free.  Both my husband and my mother in law have Celiac disease and my husband was resigned to not eat any cake on our wedding day because he didn't think it would be possible to have a great tasting gluten free cake but Judy made that possible for both he and his mother.  She spent so much time researching her ingredients to ensure they were gluten free.  She even contacted companies to make sure the ingredient wasn't manufactured on the same equipment that they made other items containing gluten which was above and beyond but speaks to her diligence. Well, the finished product was nothing short of exceptional!  All of our guests raved about the cake and they were right to do so.  Judy is great to work with and has the ability to make that special day even more special."

-Stephanie and Robert


Kids Party"Our wedding cake was divine! I had a fantasy cake based on an elegant Chamomile and Chocolate Macaroon I once had in Paris. I wasn't sure it would translate to a cake, so I considered just serving macaroons instead. Judy (Piece o Cake) came to our rescue and captured the essence of both flavors with a luscious chamomile cream layered between a dark, fudgey cake with all of the bold, lovable qualities of good dark chocolate. And when we went to pick it up, Judy had crafted two charming little yellow birds for top to match our invitations, which was just the surprise touch that made the cake feel wonderfully personable.

The morning after the wedding, as soon as all of the guests disappeared, we snuck into the resort kitchen to get a piece, and found the staff doing the same thing. They had heard the guests raving and they couldn't resist!"

-Sarah and Andrash


"Judy made a cake for my 40th birthday party, and it was not only the most beautiful cake I have ever seen, it was absolutely delicious.  I got MANY compliments on it. I would use her in a second for another special occasion."

-Jenny O.